Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kalej Valley (Upper) sftgfop-1 ch. DJ-3/1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

Kalej Valley (Upper) sftgfop-1 ch. DJ-3/1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

         We are very proud as well as happy to offer a superb lot of 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea from this plantation of Darjeeling. Kalej Valley and Dooteriah plantation in Darjeeling belongs to the Alchemist group of companies. The Kalej Valley tea estate is situated at a height of 2800 feet from the sea level and has china (camellia sinensis) bushes which are over 80 years old in age and are extremely matured and conceives some of the finest traditional Darjeeling teas during every harvest season.

        We are extremely happy to provide this lot of tea as we are seeing each season that most of the high quality exotic teas are being produced from the young clonal bushes and clonal teas are known for one distinct character either it is fruity with notes of different fruits or flowery with hints of aroma of different flowers. The teas made from the old china bushes does not have ornamental  look like the clonals but has multiple layers of flavours within a single cup of tea if the tea is manufactured properly.  Slight mistake during the manufacturing of a tea plucked from the china bushes often makes the tea astringent in the cup or sometimes simply bitter.

     We are really thankful to Mr. Gurung (Senior Manager) of the Kalej Valley and Dooteriah tea estates for giving us an opportunity to taste an excellent tea like this and to be very honest we have seen a perfect china variety 1st flush tea made so perfectly after many years.

    This tea is plucked from 100% pure china bushes of this high elevation garden in Darjeeling. The dry leafs and shoots of this early lot of tea is greenish in appearance and has a bold look in this state. The dry leafs also releases mouth watering and delicious aroma of almonds and dry pine leafs in this state. When steeped for about 3 minutes this exceptional tea gives out bright yellowish liquor in the cup. Each sip reminds of fruity hints of green apples, cherries and guavas and ends with mellow after taste.

       I am personally very satisfied with this lot of traditional 1st flush 2013 darjeeling tea and I am sure my tea lover friends will like it too!

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