Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gopaldhara Wonder Tea 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

Gopaldhara Wonder tea 1st flush 2013:

       I am really excited to offer this premium lot of exclusive 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea from the Gopaldhara plantation of Darjeeling. The Gopaldhara plantation in Darjeeling is situated at the Mirik Valley of Darjeeling District. It is situated at an elevation of 3200 feet from the sea level and is famous for its young clonal teas specially made from the AV2 and P312 clonal tea bushes.

         This exclusive tea is a very small batch of tea manufactured after the yellow/winter leafs was cleared from tea bushes. This batch is plucked from the 100% young clonal AV2 clonal bushes of this plantation. The leafs were withered for over 36 hours on the withering beds as a result of which it has a very bright greenish appearance and consists of bold silver tips.

        When this excellent tea is steeped for 3 minutes. It gives out light and bright yellowish/greenish liquor in the cup. Each sip is extremely fruity and with each sip one can immediately feel the hints of mangoes, ripe bananas and pineapples which further ends with a fruity and sweet aftertaste on the palate.

        I am really very thankful to Mr. Rishie Saria (The Owner and a planter) for offering this lot to us and I also congratulate him and his team of tea makers for creating such an excellent lot of tea.

     This is an excellent tea of the 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea harvest and I assure all tea lovers that this excellent batch of tea really stands up to its name Gopaldhara Wonder Tea.A real wonderful tea.

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