Monday, April 30, 2007

2nd Flush, 2007 - An approach !

An approach to 2nd Flush 2007:

Today is the 28th of April `07 and we are standing at the centre of the dormant period better known as “Banjee” period in Darjeeling, during this period of time a dormant leaf rises between the usual 2 leaf and a bud and soaks all the essential oil (available in the two leaf and a bud), as a result of which the aroma is not very pronounced in the tea and the appearance of the leafs are very dull, specially talking about the shelve life of the tea, its almost useless to buy these teas specially for tea lovers and Merchants who doesn’t blend their teas, as if the teas are freshly manufactured and tea tasting are done immediately then the overall value of the teas will be almost perfect but each day the flavor of the tea will go down, these teas are specially meant for blending with low quality teas.

Well talking about the 2nd Flush, it normally happens from the last weeks of May or June 1st week, this is one of the most premium harvest done in Darjeeling tea making, this period is so tender and delicate that some gardens miss out this period while fine tuning their machinery, this is also the best time to make the world famous muscatel teas but the raw leafs required for making the Muscatel teas last only for about 7-10 day in each individual gardens… Its also a very big risk and responsibility to buy these teas as without huge experience and expert tea tasting skills one can land up buying the post Banjee teas instead of the real 2nd Flush. We have already started keeping a very close look on individual gardens and as usual we promise to keep the same standard for all our respected customers!