Thursday, February 22, 2018

North Tukvar (clonal Exclusive) LC-1 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2018

 A super premium quality 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling tea plucked from 100% pure P312 clonal bushes of this prestigious plantation of Darjeeling. This is the 1st batch of pure 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling tea that rolled out of this garden this year.
    The dry leaves are sorted small in size and are filled with small and wiry silver tips in it. The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of sweet sugarcane, green apples, white lilies and sweet dry dates in this state.
    When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives out light yellow liquor. Each sip is super delicious which reminds of exotic fresh flowers and leaves a fruity after taste of raw mangoes and peaches on the palate.

A fantastic batch of 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling tea, which is exclusively made for a true Darjeeling tea lover.

Friday, February 16, 2018

An Approach to 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling tea

          The 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling tea harvest is about to start and some gardens in Darjeeling have already started the initial rounds of plucking and production. The tea pluckers in the gardens are plucking and removing the old and winter leaves from the bushes so that the bushes can conceive fresh shoots and buds which are used to produce the fresh finest 1st flush Darjeeling teas. During this period of time we need some heavy rainfall so that the tea bushes can get enough water to conceive new shoots and buds after 2 months of dormancy.
    During this harvest we have recently seen that the best teas are specially made from the clonal bushes like the AV2 and P312.The teas made from the china bushes usually start late and start coming in from the mid weeks of March and are also very delicious.
      As usual our focus is on the early production teas( teas plucked and made from the first young buds and shoots).Since the early harvest teas are made from the most tender shoots and buds the cup is extremely fragrant and delicious and the quantity produced is also very less. So, we have to taste as much tea samples, as soon as possible and decide to choose the right batch very fast. We also have to keep in mind that the teas should have good shelve lives and mature very well as we will offer these premium teas around the year.
     We request all our tea lover friends all around the world to keep visiting our website for updates of the fresh and best quality 1st flush 2018 Darjeeling teas.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

An Approach to Autumn Flush 2017 Darjeeling tea

An Approach to Autumn flush 2017:

    The Autumn flush 2017 Darjeeling tea harvest in Darjeeling started around the 3rd week of October 2017. This year`s harvest was very different from previous year`s harvest due to the 104 days of strikes in Darjeeling from the month of mid June. Tea leaves from tea bushes were not plucked for more than 3 months and the overall gardens were filled with wild plants. So, the workers of various gardens were busy pruning the tea bushes so that we could get a very good 1st flush harvest next year.

    The quantity of pure Autumn flush Darjeeling teas are very less this year and after intense tea tasting we have selected 3 top quality Autumn flush 2017 Darjeeling teas this year from Puttabong, Upper Namring and Margaret`s Hope tea estates.These teas are produced in very limited quantities during the peak Autumn flush harvest.

     We are sure everyone will appreciate these high quality teas this season from our list.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Glenburn Moonshine -elite EX7 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2017

              A very special and premium lot of 1st flush 2017 Darjeeling tea which was exclusively plucked from 100% pure china bushes by expert pluckers during the peak harvest period of the early 1st flush harvest. The dry leaves are bold in size and consist of full size unbroken silver tips in it. When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out bright yellow liquor which releases a very flowery aroma of white roses, Lilly and a slight citrus type note. Each sip is truly delicious which reminds of dry coconuts and sweet dates which further leave a lingering after taste of sweet sticky boiled rice and exotic flowers.

     A master hand crafted Darjeeling tea which is a must try by all tea lovers.

Upper Namring ( Premium) EX3 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2017

          We are really proud and glad to offer this lot of premium grade 1st flush 2017 early spring Darjeeling tea from the high elevation gardens of the Upper Namring tea estate of Darjeeling.  

       This is top of the line super Premium quality Darjeeling tea plucked from the 100% pure young clonal AV2 bushes from the high elevation clonal fields of this highly reputed garden of Darjeeling.
     The dry leaves are large and bold in size and are filled with 90% large silver tips in it. The dry leaves releases very delicious fruity aroma of sugarcane, white grapes and honey in this state.
     When steeped for completely 5 minutes the cup gives very light yellow liquor. Each sip reminds of fresh exotic flowers like roses and jasmine and leaves a smooth after taste of lemon and raw mangoes.

    True champagne of the 1st flush 2017 Darjeeling tea harvest which should be tasted by all Darjeeling tea lovers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Approach to Autumn flush 2016 Darjeeling teas

An Approach to Autumn flush 2016 Darjeeling teas:

        The last and the much awaited harvest in the Darjeeling tea industry is the Autumn flush harvest. After 4 long months of rains we will finally get to taste some fine and high flavour Darjeeling teas from the various plantations of Darjeeling. During the monsoon period the teas produced in Darjeeling gives a strong cup with less flavour.

     The Autumn flush harvest lasts for a very small frame of time as it starts as soon as the monsoons are over and the tea bushes starts getting continuous sunshine and high climatic temperature during the day time and cold climatic conditions during the night. For a perfect autumn flush harvest the day and night temperature difference should not be more than 9-12 degrees Celsius. A perfect Autumn flush Darjeeling tea should have a dehydrated look in the dry leaf state, it should have a dark brownish dry leaf appearance. The cup should give out a bright orange liquor ,with a chocolate like flavour and each sip should be very fruity floral with clear hints of dry winter  leaves like smell that we usually get in the forests during the winters.

     This year it seems that the Autumn flush Darjeeling tea harvest is slightly late as it rained very heavily during the early weeks of October and in November we are finally getting some very sunny days. We are expecting very good Autumn flush Darjeeling teas this year and right after the Diwali holidays (from the 1st week of November) are over, we are expecting the Autumn flush harvest to start, we are continuously tasting the samples of Darjeeling teas from various plantations of Darjeeling and as usual we will select only the best Darjeeling teas.

     Please keep visiting us at for latest updates on the fresh Autumn flush 2016 Darjeeling teas.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Castleton Muscatel ( Exclusive) ftgfop-1 DJ 164 Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2016

Castleton Muscatel (exclusive) ftgfop-1 DJ 164 Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2016:

      The Castleton tea estate is situated in the kurseong valley of Darjeeling district and belongs to the Goodricke group. This prestigious garden of Darjeeling is world famous and makes some excellent batches of premium clonal teas like the Moonlight and Tippy Clonals during the 1st flush harvest but it is considered to be the best manufacturers of Muscatel Darjeeling teas which are manufactured from the china variety leaves (camellia sinensis). Tea lovers all around the world agree to the fact that Darjeeling makes the finest Muscatel teas in the world and no other tea growing area anywhere in the world can replicate this character.
      We have already offered a fantastic clonal batch of Castleton Moonlight this spring and our tea lover friend all around the world has admired the tea. So, during the 2nd flush harvest our expectations from this garden was very high but this time we were looking for its best Muscatel 2nd flush teas. We tasted several samples of Muscatel teas from this estate and finally came across this batch. We guarantee no other vendor/ merchant can offer anything better than this batch.

    This is the top most premium 2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling tea Muscatel lot that rolled out of this prestigious garden of Darjeeling this year. This premium Darjeeling tea has been plucked from the 100% pure china bushes at the peak time of the 2nd flush harvest.
     The dry leaves are sorted small in size and gives out a very delicious aroma of roasted nuts and exotic ripe fruits.
     When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out bright golden liquor which further releases delicious aroma of sweet muskmelon, grilled peaches and ripe mangoes in the air.
  Each sip is packed with multiple layers of delicious flavours which clearly reminds of burnt caramel, red cherries and toasted nuts which is further followed by a delicious aftertaste of sweet and ripe Muscat grapes.

      A Majestic Darjeeling tea of the 2nd flush 2016 harvest!