Friday, May 27, 2016

An approach to 2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling tea 2016:

An approach to 2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling tea 2016:

    We had a fantastic 1st flush 2016 harvest in Darjeeling this year. The overall spring season was fruitful to all involved in the Darjeeling tea industry. We were able to see some of the finest Darjeeling teas produced from the young clonal tea leaves and some high quality classic Darjeeling teas made from the pure china leaves.

    This year the pure 1st flush 2016 harvest started from the 1st week of March 2016 and lasted till the 2nd week of April. Almost all the gardens in Darjeeling are going through the dormant period at the moment and only few gardens in Darjeeling are getting a slight hint of the 2nd flush harvest in their teas at the moment but we cannot call this a pure 2nd flush character. The most important factors in the 2nd flush harvest are the right climatic conditions and soil conditions. It should not rain during the peak time of this harvest as the best 2nd flush Darjeeling teas are made from the most carefully plucked dehydrated leaves and shoots.

        Darjeeling tea is known for its Muscatel character which is most pronounced in each of the teas in 2nd flush harvest. Tea lover all around the world compare this character with the Muscat grapes and wine. A perfect muscatel Darjeeling tea is made from pure china leaves. A perfect cup of Darjeeling 2nd flush Muscatel tea should have golden orange liquor; the aroma should be heavy, filled with hints of freshly made chocolates, ripe peaches and dry fruits. Every sip should have an in-depth taste of exotic ripe fruits with a lingering sweet aftertaste. It is also very difficult to make a perfect batch of 2nd flush Darjeeling tea as the peak time of this harvest only lasts for about 10-15 days. During this period of time a good tea maker has to choose and pluck the right leaves and fine tune his tea making skills to make the perfect tea. Once this peak time passes then the monsoon sets in and then it is impossible to make a perfect batch of 2nd flush muscatel Darjeeling tea.

    We have been tasting a lot of samples from various garden of Darjeeling and we have also tasted tea samples from early 2nd flush making gardens in Darjeeling like the Namring , Risheehat, Selimbong and Singell tea estates of Darjeeling and we feel that the perfect 2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling teas will only start from the 2nd week of June onwards.

      As usual we have planned only to procure the finest quality Darjeeling teas and this year we will concentrate more on the teas made from pure china leaves as we will offer more of the classic muscatel Darjeeling teas and few high quality clonal Darjeeling teas during the  2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling tea harvest.

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