Friday, March 29, 2013

Margaret`s Hope (Spring Delight) white tea 1st flush 2013

Margaret`s Hope (Spring Delight) white tea 1st flush 2013

      I am really delighted to offer this awesome white tea from the world famous Darjeeling tea garden Margaret`s Hope tea estate. This exclusive white tea is really unique in aroma and taste. We have carefully selected this exclusive white tea this season to show the world that even Darjeeling produces some of the finest white teas in the world. This exclusive white tea is absolutely not similar like the regular Darjeeling white teas which are actually only a cup of hot water, with a fancy name and unnecessarily expensive.

           This is a Tea Emporium guaranteed high quality Darjeeling white tea which will surely be appreciated by a black tea lover for its rich flavour and also by a green tea lover for its ultra smoothness.

          This batch of white tea has been plucked from the “Edenvale” section of the garden, which is world famous for its P312 clonal bushes. Teas produced from P312 clonal bushes have a rich and distinct flowery aroma. Only one leaf and a bud are plucked by the expert pluckers of this plantation to produce this batch. This white tea is withered for over 48 hours and has been hand rolled.

      The dry leafs are extremely beautiful which consists of bright white/greenish leafs and bold unbroken silver tips. The dry leafs releases flowery aroma of Jasmine flowers and fresh roses.
        When steeped for 3 minutes the cup releases light yellow liquor in the cup and rich aroma of honey and roses raises high above the cup. Each sip is extremely smooth with clear hints of jasmine flowers and roses and slight fruity hints of dates and chocolates which remains on the palate as an after taste.

      A true unique and super premium tea of the 1st flush 2013 Darjeeling tea which should be missed by a true Darjeeling tea lover!

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