Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2nd Flush, 2007 - Margaret’s Hope (china special FTGFOP-1)

As usual we were looking for a very good tea from this premium Garden of Darjeeling, we were in a continuous touch with the garden management for the best of 2nd Flush tea from this garden, finally on the 29th of May 2007, Mr. Rai (Manager) of the Margaret’s Hope tea estate had come to our retail store with various samples of Muscatel, tippy clonal and china special type teas, we tasted all the types, the clonals were very good but we were looking for a good body pure 2nd flush tea so were ordered for the china special tea which is a very good tea with pure 2nd Flush character,I personally like its nutty and rosy aroma with a sweet after taste character, I`m sure this tea will be one of the best seller of this season, as its simply perfect.

2nd Flush, 2007 - Goomtee (ftgfop-1)

All tea lovers know about this particular garden’s products specially in the 2nd Flush and Autumnal seasons, this is also one more great example of great Muscatel teas born in Darjeeling, this tea has a very unique Muscatel character as most Muscatel teas ends with a dry finish on the tongue but this tea is rather smooth and sweet with an overall hint of dry fruits, we are proud to have this particular invoice in our list of 2nd Flush 2007 teas, we are also proud have this tea as one of our signature teas.

2nd Flush, 2007 - Castleton (muscatel – FTGFOP-1)

We were waiting for a long time for this tea, as last year we could not find any good Muscatel invoice from this prestigious Tea Garden of Darjeeling, many customers complained about this as Castleton produces the best Muscatel tea in Darjeeling District, the particular invoice that we have in our list of 2nd Flush 2007 teas is one of the best batch made by the garden this year, there were more than 8 exporters who were bidding for this tea but we were again lucky enough to bag this tea for our list……the awesome fruity taste in the tea backed up by the dry muscatel notes makes the tongue go heavy with a different experience of Darjeeling tea drinking, A top of the line 2nd Flush delight!

2nd Flush, 2007 - Tumsong (Organic) FTGFOP-1

Tumsong (Organic) FTGFOP-1 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea 2007:

After being the best seller of 1st Flush 2007, we have bagged the 2nd Flush Tumsong Organic FTGFOP-1 2007/DJ-62, this tea is finely hand plucked from pure china pushes which ages at least 70 years, unlike the1st Flush this 2nd Flush Tumsong is coppery in dry leaf state and has a very fine blend of tiny golden tips that resembles the rare 2nd Flush character, when steeped in hot water for 5 minutes, the exotic aroma flows high above from the cup, with every sip the honey and nutty like aroma lingers around the palate with soft and matured tones of muscatel character. A must try tea for all tea lovers!

2nd Flush, 2007 - Darjeeling Rohini Green Tea

Well I’m not a Green tea lover, but this year Rohini Estate Green Tea took me by surprise, Mr. G.D. Saria (Director) of the Sona tea limited which owns Gopaldhara, Avongrove and Rohini tea estate in Darjeeling had asked me to try some of their 2nd Flush Green teas, initially I hesitated when I heard “Green tea”, but when we tried this amazing Rohini Emerald Green tea I couldn’t resist from having this tea on my list as unlike common Darjeeling Green tea this tea did not have that chlorophloric assault on the palate as the tea was not grassy at all and was rather floral and mellow in the cup and also in the dry leaf state this tea had the bright greenish appearance and above all when we steeped the tea for 3 minutes and stained the tea into the cup, the colour of the infused tea was totally greenish for which the tea has been named as ” Emerald”, many customers of ours had been requesting us for good Darjeeling Green teas and I was not being able to fulfill their request for at least last two season but this time I think many of them will be very happy to have this tea and above all the this is a price friendly tea too !