Thursday, June 16, 2011

Turzum sftgfop-1 clonal delight/DJ-19 2nd Flush 2011

Turzum clonal delight sftgfop-1/organic Dj19/2nd Flush 2011

I`m personally very proud and happy to have an exotic and traditional Muscatel Darjeeling tea like this one in our list of 2nd Flush 2011 teas, we were regularly in touch with Mr.Jha (Superintendant, Sungma and Turzum Tea Estate) from the end of April 2011.I was personally very upset about their 1st flush teas as all the teas that we had sampled from their 1st flush harvest were not up to our satisfaction mark and a lot of our customers were waiting for a super quality tea from them. Actually they could not maintain the same quality mark in the 1st Flush Harvest like last year as this garden is situated in the pokriabong area of Darjeeling district which suffered a very draught like situation from the beginning of this year but as the month of May passed away heavy rainfall occurred in this area and once again we saw massive quality improvements in their teas.
As soon as the 2nd Flush started Mr.Jha continuous send us samples and we selected the DJ 19 Batch as this tea is simply perfect with rich 2nd Flush character, this tea is plucked from pure and dehydrated (best 2nd Flush muscatels are made from the most dehydrated leafs and shoots) BB157 clonal bushes, the dry leafs are well shorted and rolled and has a very unique aroma of cardamoms and ripe oranges in this state, when steeped for complete 5 minutes this tea releases a dark golden liquor in the cup with flavors of spices, sandalwood and fresh fruits which further ends with a pronounced hint of muscatel flavor on the palate followed by an unique sweetness.
Our final verdict for this tea is that this tea is simply “EXCELLENT” and if you have not tried this batch then you have not tasted the best of 2nd Flush 2011 Darjeeling teas.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casleton Moonlight DJ146/2nd Flush 2011

Once again we have been able to procure the best of the Moonlight tea from the world famous Castleton tea estate, this exclusive tea has been plucked from the highest elevation “allay” section of the garden which is about 3500 feet high altitude during the early hours of the morning to achieve the maximum high quality leaves, then this exclusive tea is withered for about 48 hours and then it is hand rolled by 15 women workers of the garden as a result of which the dry leaves are filled with wire like silver tips, the made tea has a beautiful appearance and when this tea is brought near the nose the dry leaves gives out a very fruity aroma of pine apples and chocolates. When this tea is steeped for complete 5 minutes, the cup gives out a bright golden color and a blast of exotic flavors rise high above the cup, each sip in the cup reminds of fresh fruits,roses and chocolates and has an extremely smooth finish.
A well crafted exotic tea of the season!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thurbo (summer delight) 2nd Flush 2011 Darjeeling tea!

After the grand success of Thurbo (spring delight) Ex-1 / 1st flush 2011 I was pretty worried about a tea of this category in the 2nd Flush harvest, everyone who ordered Thurbo spring delight 1st flush from us have really appreciated the wonderful tea and I have received numerous amount of e-mails from many of my respected customers demanding a great tea of similar quality in the 2nd Flush, this was a serious challenge for me, I was in constant touch with Mr.J.D.Rai (quality controller and head of Goodricke group of Gardens in Darjeeling) all throughout the month of May when the dormant period was going on in Darjeeling and we did a lot of experiments with their clonal tea leafs like AV2,P312 and T4 ,finally on the end of 2nd week of June I received the sample of this wonderful tea and I was really thrilled to make a cup for myself, the dry leaf is well twisted and clean sorted and consists of needle like tiny golden tips, when steeped for about four minutes the tea release a matured fruity aroma which further ends with a rose like after taste and the best thing I`m noticing in this tea is that its maturing everyday and the flavours are just getting better each day,All I can say about this tea is that if you have tried our 1st Flush offering Thurbo (spring delight) then you`ll just fall in love with this tea!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Arrival of 2nd Flush 2011 Darjeeling teas

Arrival of 2nd Flush 2011 Darjeeling teas:
The 2nd Flush Harvest has finally started in Darjeeling, in this period of time Darjeeling hits a temperature of 25- 30 degrees Celsius during the day time and 15-20 degree Celsius at night. In this harvest the best teas are made from the most dehydrated leafs and shoots and unlike the 1st Flush the color of the dry made tea is coppery brown. The taste of a good 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea should be fully matured and rich with a lingering after taste. This is one of the most important harvest period for the tea industry in Darjeeling and it lasts for a very limited time and each tea gardens needs a seriously expert tea maker to make very good teas without wasting any green leafs.
The best 2nd Flush teas are often produced in the Mirik Valley and Kurseong area of Darjeeling district,this is the time when the world famous Muscatel character gets pronounced in Darjeeling teas.