Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Glenburn Moonshine-Elite Ex-1 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2019

Glenburn Moonshine Elite 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling tea:

   The 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling tea harvest started a bit early this year in this estate of Darjeeling. This estate received frequent rain showers during the month of February 2019.Since the tea leaves that they pluck every year is of fantastic quality , we were very eager to taste their 1st batch from this year and the moment we tasted their 1st batch there was no ways we could miss this batch.

    This is an exclusive batch of Premium quality 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling tea which is plucked from the young P312 and AV2 clonal bushes.This is the 1st lot of premium Darjeeling tea that rolled out of this garden this year.
    The dry leaves are well sorted and have bold silver tips in it and come in shades of green and olive. The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma fruity-floral aroma of white roses, slight hint of vanilla and sweet grapes.
   When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out a light and bright yellow liquor.Each sip is super smooth which reminds of exotic flowers, with a hint of vanilla, white chocolates and further leaves a lemony after taste on the palate.

   We are really happy to have this batch of excellent Darjeeling tea in our list.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rohini (Spring Delight) Ex-7 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2019

        We are really happy to have an excellent batch of premium 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling tea from the Rohini tea estate of Darjeeling during the early spring harvest because the tea makers of this estate keeps trying to make very good batches of Darjeeling teas each season even during hard times during the harvest seasons.
     The Rohini (Spring Delight) EX-7 of 1st flush 2019 harvest is the first batch of premium Darjeeling tea to enter our list of 1st flush teas this year.
   This particular batch of premium quality Darjeeling tea is harvested during the early spring 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling tea harvest and is plucked from the selected premium AV2 clonal bushes by the expert tea pluckers of this beautiful garden of Darjeeling. The dry leaves are well sorted and are filled with bold size silver tips. The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of freshly picked flowers with slightly citrus like notes.
     When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out light yellow liquor. Each sip is extremely delicious and smooth which reminds of freshly picked jasmine flowers and lilies which further leave a smooth flowery aftertaste followed by notes of sweet raisins and fennel seeds on the palate.

     We have selected this batch after tasting about 4 different samples from the early spring harvest from this estate and it really feels great to have a fine tea like this one in our list. We will definitely look for more premium teas like this from different tea estates during the harvest.
     This batch of Darjeeling tea is one of the best lot of tea that we have tasted in many years from this estate. We guarantee that every tea lover will love this premium batch of Darjeeling tea.

Friday, February 15, 2019

An approach to 1st flush 2019 darjeeling tea

An Approach to 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling teas:

       Every year after the autumn flush harvest ends at the 2nd week of December we get to relax and take a break after a full year of work which includes tea tasting to procure the best teas and marketing them well and restore the revenues earned from the teas and keep the finances ready to procure the best teas again when the new harvest starts again during the next working year. This process keeps going on, again and again each year but trust me it does not get boring for us as each year we learn so many new things about the teas we procure from various gardens of Darjeeling and about the markets where we sell the teas every season.

      We have been experiencing a draught like situation almost every year during the 1st flush Darjeeling tea harvest but this year we have received rain showers at regular intervals from the last week of January to the 1st week of February, so it will be interesting to see the initial 1st flush Darjeeling teas and it`s quality.

     This year the Tea Board of India has instructed all the gardens of Darjeeling to pluck the leaves only after the 11th of February 2019 so that the leaf quality is good and the overall qualities of the new teas are of high quality.

   As our retail outlet is based in Darjeeling, India for more than 5 decades and having an in depth knowledge in this trade for last 3 generations we have noticed that the best climatic conditions for good 1st flush Darjeeling teas needs a good amount of rainfall during the winter season when the tea gardens are closed and once the spring season arrives we need good sunshine during and the day and night temperature difference should also be about 9-10 degrees Celsius. We have also noticed that Darjeeling teas made from the young clonal cultivars like AV2 and P312 are commonly favourites among tea lovers these days.

    As usual we will taste as much tea samples as possible and procure only the best Darjeeling teas as usual. Please keep visiting our website for further updates on the new 1st flush 2019 Darjeeling teas.