Saturday, December 2, 2017

An Approach to Autumn Flush 2017 Darjeeling tea

An Approach to Autumn flush 2017:

    The Autumn flush 2017 Darjeeling tea harvest in Darjeeling started around the 3rd week of October 2017. This year`s harvest was very different from previous year`s harvest due to the 104 days of strikes in Darjeeling from the month of mid June. Tea leaves from tea bushes were not plucked for more than 3 months and the overall gardens were filled with wild plants. So, the workers of various gardens were busy pruning the tea bushes so that we could get a very good 1st flush harvest next year.

    The quantity of pure Autumn flush Darjeeling teas are very less this year and after intense tea tasting we have selected 3 top quality Autumn flush 2017 Darjeeling teas this year from Puttabong, Upper Namring and Margaret`s Hope tea estates.These teas are produced in very limited quantities during the peak Autumn flush harvest.

     We are sure everyone will appreciate these high quality teas this season from our list.