Monday, June 30, 2014

Thurbo Moonlight DJ 264/ 2nd flush 2014 darjeeling tea

Thurbo Moonlight DJ 264 / 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling

     Thurbo tea estate is situated in the Mirik valley of Darjeeling district. The climatic conditions of Thurbo tea estate is slightly warmer than other tea growing areas is Darjeeling. Thurbo Tea Estate is world famous especially for its clonal teas. In recent times it has gained appreciation worldwide for its clonal black and white Darjeeling teas.

     Since it has been raining quiet often in Darjeeling during the 2nd flush harvest we have been choosing the right 2nd flush batches strictly than previous years as we do not want any low quality teas in our list.

     We were delighted to receive the sample of this particular batch. The dry leafs are extremely well crafted and is a delight for the eyes and nose in its dry leaf state.
      When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup releases bright golden liquor. As the tea cools down in the cup each sip reminds of crisp white wine. There is the dryness to the tongue, the slight hints of different fruity flavours that you coax can tease until they fade or morph into something else entirely.

      This is a superb offering of the 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea harvest and should not be missed by a true Darjeeling tea lover!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Giddapahar sftgfop-1(Wiry Musk) DJ 50/ 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea

Giddapahar sftgfop-1(Wiry Musk) DJ 50/ 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea

       We were continuously in touch with the owner/ tea maker (Mr. Sudhangsu) of this plantation situated in the Kurseong valley of the Darjeeling district who is kind enough to send us the sample of his teas every week for our evaluations.

       We did not offer any teas from this plantation last year since we were not very satisfied with the quality of the teas and I had requested Mr. Sudhangsu to make a superb muscatel batch for us during the peak 2nd flush 2014 harvest this year. I am really proud to offer this batch of premium muscatel 2nd flush 2014 from this plantation this year. We had gone through many samples and have chosen this batch. Tea Lovers will definitely love this batch of tea which is listed on our website; this is a tea with a good value for money.

   This particular lot is a superb batch of tea plucked during the peak time of the 2nd flush harvest from the high elevation china bushes of this plantation of Darjeeling.
     The dry leafs are bold in size and has a wiry appearance in this state. When brought close to the nose the dry leafs gives out delicious flavours of dark chocolates, jaggery and exotic ripe fruits.
      When steeped for complete 5 minutes, this exotic tea releases bright orange liquor in the cup. Each sip is extremely smooth which reminds of chocolates and slight hints of mint which further leaves a slightly sweet and musky character on the palate as an after taste.

     A Classic style Wiry Muscatel Darjeeling tea which can also be enjoyed with a splash of Milk!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dooteriah Muscatel sftgfop-1 DJ 143 / 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea

   We are really excited and happy to offer this awesome lot of exclusive 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea from the Dooteriah plantation of Darjeeling. Our tea lover friends around the world had appreciated the Muscatel teas from this plantation last year so we continuously tasted fresh samples from this plantation as we were eagerly waiting for a perfect 2nd flush muscatel tea from this plantation. The climatic and soil conditions in this plantation was favourable for 2nd flush harvest early this year so we received a peak time 2nd flush lot from this plantation early this year.

      This is the Premium Dooteriah sftgfop-1 Muscatel DJ 143/ 2nd flush 2014 lot. This classic style muscatel variety Darjeeling tea is plucked from the pure china bushes of this beautiful plantation in Darjeeling. The dry leafs are well twisted and sorted and has fair amounts of silver tips in it. The dry leafs has a very rich aroma of chocolates and dry fruits.
      When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup release dark golden liquor. Each sip reminds of ripe grapes and apples and leaves a very sweet and muscatel like taste on the palate.

      A Classic and Rich Muscatel variety Darjeeling tea which is perfect as a day starter and is available at a very reasonable price.