Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Flush darjeeling tea 2012

Autumn flush 2012 Darjeeling teas

    The autumn flush Darjeeling tea harvest is one of the most eagerly awaited harvests of the year in the Darjeeling tea industry. This premium harvest will start from the November 1st week of this year and we predict it will end by December 1st week as it is getting very cold in Darjeeling every day from the 2nd week of October 2012. The best autumn flush teas are harvest when the day and night temperature difference is about 10-11 degrees Celsius. The current temperature of Darjeeling is about 17 -19 degrees Celsius during the day and 10-11 degrees Celsius during the night.
        The autumn flush Darjeeling tea harvest is done after the 3 months of monsoon harvest in Darjeeling. During the monsoons the produced quantity of Darjeeling tea is high but the quality is not very high compared to the 1st and the 2nd flush harvests. So tea lovers and producers of Darjeeling tea eagerly await the arrival of this premium tea harvest.
       The dry leafs of the pure autumn teas does not have a very attractive ornamental look like the 1st and 2nd flush teas. The cup gives out very bright yellow liquor and the aroma is much matured and most of the teas during this harvest have a very unique woody and pine like aroma.
      We have already started to taste a lot of teas from various plantations in Darjeeling and we will offer the finest autumn flush Darjeeling teas as usual as soon as we receive the perfect teas.