Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thurbo clonal Exotica Ex23/White tea/2nd flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

This is a super premium White tea plucked from the 100% pure and young AV2 clonal bushes of this prestigious plantation in Darjeeling. Only one leaf and a bud is plucked by the expert pluckers of this garden during the early hours of the morning as a result of which the made tea has a very attractive ornamental look in this state. The dry leafs also gives out a refreshing aroma of fresh fruits and flowers. 
When this exotic tea is brewed for 4 minutes and strained into a cup. It gives out bright pale yellow liquor in the cup and a blast of different exotic flavors raises high above the cup.
Each sip reminds of sweet ripe mangoes and fresh white grapes which further ends with a unique lemony taste which lingers on the palate for a long time.
True champagne of 2nd flush 2012 harvest! Tea Lover`s who have appreciated our Puttabong Organic Moondrops 1st flush 2012 will definitely fall in love with this one!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Margaret`s Hope Tippy Clonal ftgfop-1/DJ178/2nd Flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

Margaret`s Hope Tippy clonal ftgfop-1 /DJ 178/2nd flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

         We have been able to procure the finest quality Muscatel Darjeeling teas produced from the china bushes and now it was a challenge to procure something sweeter, tender and fruity tea. I personally wanted to have something different so on the last week of June 2012, I started to concentrate and taste more samples of the clonal varieties.

      Though I have procured some of the finest clonal 2nd flush 2012 teas, but this lot from Margaret`s Hope is really very fruity. The dry leafs are larger in size and has a lot of long size silver tips. The dry leafs have a very fruity aroma of ripe grapes, plum, sugarcanes and dry fruits and leaves a bright/golden liquor in the cup.

    Each sip is extremely fruity and gives out clear hints of pineapples and muscatel on the palate.
      I personally think this is an exceptional tea available at a very reasonable price and is available at a very limited quantity. Tea Lovers who prefer teas with high fruity flavors and mellow after taste should not miss this tea at all.



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Castleton Muscatel FTGFOP-1/DJ85/2nd flush 2012

Castleton Muscatel ftgfop-1/DJ85/2nd flush 2012

    This is one of finest muscatel 2nd flush offering of the season and is harvested at one of my personal favourite garden in Darjeeling. The Castleton Tea Estate is world renowned for its high quality teas like the Castleton moonlight and Castleton Muscatel.
      I have not been too happy though with the Castleton Moonlight batches this year so I have not included it in our list this year but I have been hunting for the Castleton Muscatel batches from last 2 years and finally this one has really won my appreciation.

      This Castleton Muscatel tea is harvested from the pure and matured china bushes during the peak 2nd flush harvest period and tea lovers around the world compare this tea with Muscat grapes or wines for its fruitiness and sweetness.

       The lot no.Dj85 is an extremely well made tea. This tea is sorted smaller in size and has a delicious fruity aroma in the dry leaf state. Each sip releases a blast of fruity flavors of ripe mangoes and cherries and ends with a smooth muscatel flavor which stays on the palate for a long time.

     I would personally recommend this tea to tea lovers who would love to try out a true high quality tea this season.

Sungma Flowery Musk sftgfop-1 Organic/DJ 152/2nd flush 2012

Sungma Flowery Musk sftgfop-1Organic/DJ 152 /2nd flush 2012

  This is a great muscatel variety pure 2nd flush tea plucked from the high elevation china bushes of the Organic Sungma Plantation in Darjeeling.The dry leafs are extra bold in size and consists of long gold tips in this state.The dry leafs have a woody and confectionary like aroma.
       When steeped for about 4 minutes this exceptional tea releases a bright reddish/golden liquor in the cup.Each sip in the cup gives clear hints of grapes,nuts and roses which further finishes with a smooth muscatel flavor on the palate without any bitterness.
       This tea will be surely admired by tea lovers who have tried our last year`s Turzum clonal delight 2nd flush as this particular batch of tea is excellent in cup and is surely true value for money.
        We had tasted a lot of 2nd flush 2012 samples from both Turzum and Sungma Tea Estates before we chose this batch and I personally feel this tea is an exceptional offering from the 2nd flush 2012 harvest.