Friday, November 27, 2009

Sungma sftgfop-1 Autumn Musk DJ-465 Darjeeling tea Autumn Flush 2009

Sungma / Organic sftgfop-1 Autumn musk Dj-465 Autumn Flush 2009

This tea was specially made for us by Mr. Jha (Superintendent, Sungma Tea Estate ) on the last week of November`09 when we were about to complete the list for Autumn Flush 2009, actually we had received a lot of samples this Autumn from this organic plantation, I must say almost all of their teas were good but whatever we tried was nearly good but not excellent and though tea is a natural agricultural product which is simply dependant on the nature but we try our best to get the best tea each season and as everybody in the industry knows we do not compromise with the quality of the teas in our list at any cost, so Mr. Jha promised me that he will make an excellent invoice of tea for me as soon as he gets the best of leafs from his garden, so on the 27th of November`09 he had send us a couple of samples from Turzum (a sub-division of the Sungma plantation) which was a clonal tea and ofcoarse the Sungma Dj-465 which is a china variety muscatel tea, we tasted both the teas but I was carried away by the Sungma sftgfop-1 Autumn musk Dj-465 teas as the leafs were fully coppery and had an extremely muscatel and herb like flavor in the dry leaf state, when we first steeped the tea I was shaken by the extreme high muscatel flavor that simply jumped out from the cup with an overpowering flowery and herb like taste that stayed for a long time on the palate as an after taste, lastly all I can say is that this tea is one of the best teas that we have offered in last 2 years and no tea lovers should miss this tea at any cost.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Autumn flush Darjeeling tea (s) 2009: a note of satisfaction

Autumn flush Darjeeling tea (s) 2009: a note of satisfaction

Finally I have been able to complete the list of Autumn flush 2009 Darjeeling teas on my website, though as usual it was difficult for me to sustain a great list of teas this season as we are the biggest bulk / commercial tea exporters from Darjeeling and whatever tea we select is often chosen by our Merchant clients and at the end of the day the good teas are almost over, so side by side we also make careful choices to stock excellent teas for our website clients too, so talking about this year`s tea list on our website I’m really satisfied as I could do a very careful and unique list of teas as each tea listed on the autumn Flush 2009 list of teas are totally different from each other, like for instance I started the list with the Thurbo clonal tips ftgfop-1 Ex-20 which is fruity tea with a lot of sweetness in cup, then keeping the health concerned tea lovers in mind we brought in the Sungma sftgfop-1 Green tea DJ-340 which is a delicious and mellow tea, then we moved on to Castleton when the Manager finally invited us for his muscatel beauty… A great tea is what I can say! Well talking about this tea I must again say that I’m proud to be a part of the Tea Emporium team as the Castleton only offered their teas to us this season and no other companies were even sent samples in Darjeeling as they were in a forward contract for their muscatel teas round the year, well I can imagine small companies like…… must be crying for Castleton teas even though they made various efforts to get a chest(20 kgs) of Castleton tea and claim to have brought an invoice as usual…..then again we moved on to the Thurbo plantation for their china origin teas which makes a heavy cup and specially we brought in the Thurbo ftgfop-1 china Ex-24 for people who enjoy their tea with a splash of milk, Namring ftgfop-1 clonal Ex-541 was the next tea that came into our list due to its extreme floral and light cup ,this one was for people who still enjoy their good cup of tea without sugar/milk, here came this another clonal tea from Turzum (Turzum clonal delight sftgfop-1 DJ-24) which was comparatively stronger than the Namring clonal tea and had an extremely nutty like taste and also had a smooth cup, the last and the final tea that arrived on our list was the Jungpana ftgfop-1 DJ-175 a great muscatel tea with a floral finish , we bet this tea will beat any top of the line Autumn teas in the market……..and above all a list at the most affordable rates and of excellent quality, so if you are still buying old teas at discounted rates when fresh teas are here at excellent prices then its up to you, but for those who enjoy high quality fresh teas each season…….all are welcome to join our autumn flush 2009 tea party!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jungpana ftgfop-1 Dj-175 Autumn flush 2009:

Jungpana ftgfop-1 Dj-175 Autumn Flush 2009:

This is a great muscatel tea of the season which will also give a stiff competition to any top 2nd Flush muscatel tea in the market, this particular tea came to our notice when a big bunch of samples were sent to us by a big tea brokerage company in Darjeeling, most of the teas from the Jungpana Tea Estate is good this autumn but this particular invoice DJ-175 of Jungpana wins the race by miles ahead as the dry leafs are well twisted and sorted, the tea is kept a bit high fired for that high flavoury nose, the tea has a very high muscatel and roasted nuts like aroma in this state, the cup is also very expressive with raw hints of grapy and muscatel notes and has a very smooth flowery after taste….All one can say is this is simply the best classic muscatel tea of the season.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Namring ftgfop-1 clonal Ex-541 Autumn Flush 2009:

Namring ftgfop-1 clonal Ex-541 Autumn Flush 2009:

This super exclusive tea came to the limelight while we were checking various tea samples while we were doing the tea tastings for this Autumn flush 2009 list of teas, Actually this tea sample was sent to us by one of my very close friend who is also a tea exporter, he had sent me various tea samples from different Darjeeling tea estates but most of them were not standing high upon my expectations so out of the last 10 samples he had send us we had chosen 2 teas namely the Arya Ruby and this Namring clonal tea, the Arya teas are good but their teas are always dependant on the high fire meaning a roasted taste is always lying at the end of each sip which enhances the flavor but I was looking for a tea which would have a natural flavor, so I headed for the Namring ftgfop-1 clonal Ex-541 Darjeeling tea, this tea is simply amazing as it’s a very tippy type of tea which is really hard to find in this harvest , it has tips even more than any other season Arya Ruby teas, the cup is extremely floral and fruity, one can simply feel the touch of ripe mangoes on the palate with every sip and above all this tea is a true value for money tea of the season as if this type of tea is made in 1st or 2nd Flush one might have to pay atleast double the price against our offer this Autumn season.
This gem of a flavory tea should not be missed!