Thursday, December 8, 2011

Margaret`s Hope ftgfop-1 ch. Exclusive DJ594/ Autumn flush 2011 Darjeeling tea.

We are really glad to have a wonderful tea from this tea plantation in Darjeeling after a long time in our list of Darjeeling teas. Actually after our friend (Mr.A.Gurung, tea maker) left the plantation in the year 2010 and joined another plantation we lost our interest in this estate`s teas as none of its teas were thrilling us after the new tea maker had joined the garden. Well they made good teas all the way long but the basic style of the teas were not matching our expectations.
As I have mentioned in few of my previous posts that this year about only 20% of the teas of this harvest is original autumn flush teas and rest of the teas being marketed as autumn flush is actually the monsoon or the 3rd flush teas. This happened due to the prolonged rains that lasted till the 10th of November 2011 and also due to cold low temperatures due to which the tea bushes could not generate enough leafs for the autumn flush harvest.
This particular invoice from the Margaret`s hope tea estate is hard withered as a result of which the dry leafs have a slight greenish appearance and has a typical fruity aroma in this state. This tea should be steeped for complete 4 minutes and when strained in a cup it releases bright golden liquor. Each sip is absolutely smooth and fruity and ends with a slightly burnt and musky aftertaste on the palate.
I`m sure this tea will be appreciated by everyone who loves Darjeeling teas!