Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Approach to Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2008

Well its been a long time since I’ve been able to write anything about the status of Darjeeling teas as it was a merciless Monsoon this time and it really rained so hard that we could not see any unique teas this season, usually the stretch between the month of July to September is a bad time for high quality Darjeeling teas but at times we always use to expect some unique teas in this period of time.
Its already been 1st week of October but we can’t even see a sign of the much awaited Autumnal character, in this particular harvest we expect to see and taste some of the most round and smooth character teas as in this period of time the sun shine is much regular and from some of the rare de-hydrated leafs and shoots we get to see some exceptional teas. Well also to keep in mind one should not expect a “tippy” appearance in a tea in this season as this harvest contains much lesser tips in the teas due to several natural factors.
I think we will have a great autumn crop this year but on the other side we will have a crop scarcity, so I would like to warn all tea lovers to choose a proper vendor for their tea orders as some people will try to sell the Monsoon crop as Autumn harvest as usual! Well I would like to ask my most valuable customers to have patience and wait the Original Autumn Flush 2008!