Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Approach to Autumn flush 2016 Darjeeling teas

An Approach to Autumn flush 2016 Darjeeling teas:

        The last and the much awaited harvest in the Darjeeling tea industry is the Autumn flush harvest. After 4 long months of rains we will finally get to taste some fine and high flavour Darjeeling teas from the various plantations of Darjeeling. During the monsoon period the teas produced in Darjeeling gives a strong cup with less flavour.

     The Autumn flush harvest lasts for a very small frame of time as it starts as soon as the monsoons are over and the tea bushes starts getting continuous sunshine and high climatic temperature during the day time and cold climatic conditions during the night. For a perfect autumn flush harvest the day and night temperature difference should not be more than 9-12 degrees Celsius. A perfect Autumn flush Darjeeling tea should have a dehydrated look in the dry leaf state, it should have a dark brownish dry leaf appearance. The cup should give out a bright orange liquor ,with a chocolate like flavour and each sip should be very fruity floral with clear hints of dry winter  leaves like smell that we usually get in the forests during the winters.

     This year it seems that the Autumn flush Darjeeling tea harvest is slightly late as it rained very heavily during the early weeks of October and in November we are finally getting some very sunny days. We are expecting very good Autumn flush Darjeeling teas this year and right after the Diwali holidays (from the 1st week of November) are over, we are expecting the Autumn flush harvest to start, we are continuously tasting the samples of Darjeeling teas from various plantations of Darjeeling and as usual we will select only the best Darjeeling teas.

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