Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dooteriah sftgfop-1 /1st flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

Dooteriah sftgfop-1 – 1st flush 2012 Darjeeling tea

I am really happy to receive this excellent batch of tea from one of the oldest plantation in Darjeeling. Dooteriah plantation is situated at the sonada region of Darjeeling valley. This estate mostly has china variety plants. They also have clonal plants but it is very less in quantity. They specially use the clonal leafs for making ornamental teas like oolongs and white teas.
I had received good complements for a batch of dooteriah 1st flush last year from several customers and they had also requested us to offer a batch of good tea like last year from this estate. The dooteriah plantation also suffered a very draught like situation in the early month of March and the quality was not up to our expectations so we had not been able to offer a batch of good tea from this estate so far.
On the 10th of April we had received a few samples from the Dooteriah plantation and I was very happy to choose the lot No. 48.This batch of tea is plucked from the highest quality china bushes of this high elevation plantation. The dry leafs are very well sorted and withered as a result of which the tea looks extremely greenish in appearance. This tea is best steeped for 3 minutes and the cup gives out extremely light yellow liquor. Each sip reminds of exotic fruits which ends with a pine like after taste.
This is really a very high quality tea available at a very reasonable price. I`m sure this exotic tea will be liked by all.