Monday, October 27, 2014

An approach to Autumn Flush 2014 darjeeling tea

An Approach to autumn flush 2014 Darjeeling tea:

      The month of October in Darjeeling as well as whole of India has been a festive season. The 1st week started with the Dashera festival and the climatic conditions in Darjeeling got a bit colder leaving the monsoon harvest behind. We celebrated the 3rd week of October with the Diwali festival “the festival of lights”.

        We generally wait for the Diwali festival to pass on for the true and peak time autumn teas. The teas produced before these time frames are the pre-autumn teas with minimum autumn character. We have been continuously tasting tea samples from over 45 plantations in Darjeeling and we have received the news from all the plantations that this year the Autumn Flush 2014 tea havest will only start from the last weeks of October since the tea factories were closed during the festival season.

    A peak time or pure autumn flush tea should be of coppery black colour in leaf appearance and should also look a bit dehydrated in this state. After steeping, the liquor in the cup should be golden orange in colour and the most important factor is the aroma which should be a bit roasted with a very mild pine line flavour.
    The autumn flush harvest is best when the climatic conditions are much colder than the 1st and the 2nd flush harvest. The minimum temperature difference between the day and night should be from 09- 12 degrees Celsius for this harvest.

     As usual we are trying our best to maintain the standards of the teas which would be available in our list of exotic Autumn Flush 2014.We request all our tea lover friends to wait for our pure and true list of peak time autumn flush 2014 Darjeeling teas.

As usual we will procure and inform you about the fine teas once they reach our ware house.