Sunday, November 1, 2015

An approach to autumn flush Darjeeling tea 2015

An approach to autumn flush 2015 Darjeeling teas 2015

    The monsoon harvest has finally ended in all of the tea gardens in Darjeeling and we are all eagerly waiting for the fresh and new autumn flush 2015 Darjeeling teas to arrive.

     Like every year, even this year the people of Darjeeling were in a festive mood since the “Dushera” festival had started from the 13th of October and was celebrated till the 23rd of October and we were all very busy celebrating this festival.

    Since we have continuously tasted a lot of tea samples from about 45 plantations of Darjeeling year long this year we got the hint of autumn flush harvest in some of the teas harvested after the 23rd of October 2015. This has occurred since the climatic conditions have changed a lot in Darjeeling after the “Dushera” festival. The afternoon has been very sunny and warm but right after the sunset it gets really cold as we move towards the night.

   The climatic conditions play a very vital role for this premium Darjeeling tea harvest . The temperature difference between the day and the night should not be more than 9-12 degree Celsius. For a perfect autumn flush tea harvest the days should be sunny and warm and the evening should be slightly cold. A perfect autumn flush Darjeeling tea should have a dehydrated leaf appearance with fewer tips in it. The cup should be golden orange in colour and the aroma of the tea should have a matured sweet and dry pine leaf like character in it.

      As mentioned earlier we have restlessly tasted many tea samples everyday and we will procure simply the best batches from different plantations of Darjeeling and we also assure our entire tea lover friends around the world that only the best batches will be offered as usual.
   Till then, keep sipping into the finest Darjeeling teas!