Thursday, November 24, 2011

Castleton ftgfop-1 ( autumn Dj442/Autumn flush 2011

We are really proud to have this tea in our list of autumn flush 2011 teas .We had cupped about 23 invoice samples from this plantation of Darjeeling and have selected this excellent batch. This tea was manufactured on the 14th of November which was actually the second last invoice that rolled out of the garden before it closed for the winters and I was really sad before I came across this batch as most of the samples that we had cupped earlier was either a bit flat in the cup or some had less aroma.
Actually this tea was made perfectly as it stopped raining in Darjeeling after the 10th of November and the leafs had enough time on the bush to dehydrate as a result of which this excellent batch of autumn tea is well withered, rolled and fired. The dry leafs are bright coppery in appearance which is truly a good sign of a perfect autumn tea. The cup has bright liquor which further releases exotic aroma of ripe fruits. Each sip is extremely smooth and finishes with a mellow after taste.
A classic offering of the season!

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