Thursday, November 24, 2011

Balasun china classic sftgfop-1 /DJ 289 autumn flush 2011

Since the autumn flush 2011 started a bit late this year due to prolonged monsoons in Darjeeling we had a difficult time procuring the perfect Autumnal teas. As I have written in my previous posts that a perfect autumn tea harvest needs dry atmospheric conditions but right through the beginning of the month of November we had frequent rainfall in almost each alternative day, so one had to be very careful while procuring the right teas.
I came across this particular invoice from the Balasun tea estate while I tasted a lot of tea samples from Risheehat, Sungma, Puttabong and Balasun tea estates. The dry leafs are well sorted in this invoice of tea and the leafs are kept slightly large and bold and when this tea is brought near the nose it releases a unique aroma of dry fruits like dates and nuts. The cup is slightly dark and strong than the usual autumn tea and thus makes a perfect breakfast tea. This tea can also be enjoyed with a splash of milk and sugar. I have included this tea in my list as many tea lover friends of ours had suggested us to procure a tea that will suit as a perfect breakfast tea and we assure that everyone will admire this tea.
A perfect tea to start your day at a reasonable price!

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