Monday, November 28, 2011

Thurbo (tippy clonal ) Exclusive Ex-23/Autumn flush 2011

I am extremely happy to have this particular batch of tea in our list of autumn flush 2011 specially when there is a serious shortage of high quality teas in this season. We had cupped several samples from this plantation in this harvest and to be very honest this plantation produced some good teas when compared to some of the finest plantation in Darjeeling. Most of the clonal tea batches which rolled out after the 10th of November 2011 from this plantation were very nice and I must say that this year the Thurbo plantation has been making good teas right from the early spring to the end of autumn consistently.
Since we are located in Darjeeling and being one of the oldest traders from Darjeeling we share a very good relation with most of the plantation and specially Mr.J.D. Rai (the quality controller/senior manager of the group) had promised us to provide with a very special batch from this plantation and we are really thankful to him for offering us the batch no. EX-23 which is a typical exclusive quality autumn flush 2011 tea.This exclusive batch is plucked from the high elevation clonal fields of the Thurbo plantation.The dry leafs are very well sorted and has a fair amount of silver and golden tips and also releases a very unique ripe mango like aroma in this state. When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup releases a bright golden/orange liquor.Each sip is extremely fruity and smooth .We assure a 100% quality guarantee for this exclusive tea and can declare this tea as a Tea Emporium signature tea of the season. Do not miss this superb tea!!!

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