Monday, March 3, 2008

1st Flush Darjeeling Tea 2008 - Delay

I’ve been in a regular contact with the managers of various plantations in Darjeeling and all the gardens will come up with a slow start this year due to the uneven balance of temperature this year which makes the growth of new leafs and buds very slow, talking about the Darjeeling Valley Gardens like Puttabong, North Tukvar, Barnesbeg etc. which use to start with their 1st invoices of First Flush by probably the end of 1st week of March will get their first couple of invoices only by the 10th of March or may be a couple of Days later.
The Kurseong Valley gardens like Castleton, Goomtee, Jungpana, and Makaibari etc. will start after the 15th of March but the Mirik valley gardens which are usually late starters like Thurbo, Gopaldhara etc might be early starter this year as unusually the area is much more humid this year so leaf growth is expected to be rapid in these gardens and we can expect early invoices from these gardens.

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