Thursday, February 28, 2008

1st Flush 2008 - Darjeeling Tea

1st Flush 2008 - Darjeeling Tea
It has been a long time since I’ve been able to place any information regarding the 1st flush 2008 teas, well to be very honest on one side we expect a very good crop as we had a couple of full fledged winter rains in mid February and a mild snowfall too, which shows a clear sign of a very healthy crop, specially the clonals would do wonders for the tea planters but seeing the current political scenario in Darjeeling where most of the tea garden labours are involved in the agitation, some of the very renowned tea gardens will suffer here as due to this involvement as these particular gardens missed the important curing required before this golden harvest but I don’t want to mention the names of these gardens as in the mid-spring they can still give a good harvest but the early spring crop will not be very good for them.

Well talking about our selections I will not try to be very experimental this year as I had succeeded last year with my selection of teas and at least 90% of my customers had appreciated my teas, specially I can’t stop myself from writing about the Singbulli clonal delight and the Thurbo Tippy clonal ftgfop-1 1st Flush teas as these teas were highly appreciated by many tea lovers and also not to forget I also achieved many new customers due to these teas but again the early invoice teas are our business secret and after determining all the current status we have already selected our invoice of 1st flush teas from different sub divisions of different tea estates.
So, we once again invite all tea lovers to join our 1st flush 2008 tea party from the 2nd week of March.

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