Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st Flush 2008 - THURBO TIPPY CLONAL

Thurbo Tippy clonal (ftgfop-1) 1st Flush 2008

I am very happy to introduce the 1st tea of this year to all tea lovers, this year has not been very easy to procure the best teas as the crop growth is extremely slow, after waiting for weeks Mr. A. Gurung of the Thurbo Estate finally gave me a call regarding the 1st invoice of the Thurbo Tippy clonal 1st Flush 2008 which is simply awesome this year, I reached the estate at around 9 a.m. and I`m also proud say that I made my own tea, meaning I personally planned the style of my tea where I tried my best to sort out the floater leafs and keep the long well twisted young tea leafs as a result of which the tea is extremely floral and ends with an unique fruity after taste ,the dry leafs contains over 40% unbroken silver tips which gives the extra glow to the tea.

We are proud to mark this tea as one of our signature teas!

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