Sunday, March 23, 2008

1st Flush 2008 - Thurbo Oriental White Delight (White tea)

Its seems like this garden is blessed by holy angels and Gods this year as its already been 3rd week of March and we are not satisfied by any other garden’s teas compared to this garden’s products so far, this year we have a very high demand from one of the most prestigious tea buyer from the west so seeing the quality of the leafs of the Thurbo estate, we gave them the order for a very high quality White tea they have ever made and not to forget they completed this order with heart and soul and I give that special credit to Mr. Anil Gurung ( Factory assistant Manager- Thurbo Estate).

The tea is actually made in a very careful manner, firstly its plucked by the most expert pluckers of the garden from the northern side of the young clonal fields of the estate that faces the Kanchanjunga range, they say that young bushes facing the Himalayan Mountains make better aromatic teas as the cold breeze that blow through the bushes coming from the mountain does the magic, well I think there shouldn’t be any debates against their saying as at the end of the day the tea is truly wonderful, soon after that the tea is withered for over 48 hours at a constant temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius and soon after its fired very carefully and the whole process is highly depend on hands as this type of tea cannot be made in a machine, the end result of the tea is truly amazing as the infused leafs are totally green and only the young and tender leafs are seen very clearly without any mixture of any old leafs.
All the 3 Assistant Managers and (Mr. Rai) the Senior Manager of the Estate were present during the first tasting sessions and of coarse I was very nervous, but the end result came out very well as the tea came out to be extremely flavoury and as the temperature of the tea in the cup went down the tea showed different layers of flavour and character with each sip and above of the last sip when the tea was completely cold gave another distinct floral after taste which is commonly not found in many teas, well I think there won’t be any better white tea than this tea ,this season, I guess not even from the same estate!

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