Friday, November 2, 2007

A visit to Thurbo Tea Estate for autumn tea

Thurbo Tea Estate

On the 1st of November`07 I was invited at the Thurbo Tea Garden, one of my favorite tea estate, though this garden is famous for its exclusive young teas better known as the Tippy clonals, But please note this is the autumn harvest and the main point to be noted is that autumn is not a flush it’s a character that’s formed just before the cold winters and also due to the plucking done through out the year the buds or tips are almost impossible to find in most teas of this season, so in this season we mostly look for a better cup than appearance.

As any other garden visit, I was offered with a pile of samples by Mr. A. Gurung (factory assistant manager) and as usual we sorted out some of the most exotic china type teas from the pile and started tasting, we tasted some clonals too but I was not convinced as I needed some heavier cup teas from this estate, I was offered some nice looking oolongs and whites but the only thing I needed was that typical high fired pungent Darjeeling black teas so we soon came across the Dj – 638 Ftgfop-1 invoice and there was no looking back any more, honestly I did not want to taste any more teas because I got exactly what I wanted , a good bodied , full flavored tea , an absolute good tea for a layman. I was also surprised to know that the Manager was fermenting the teas over 3-4 hours , where normally black teas are fermented for maximum 2 hours in autumn harvest, so one can imagine, Darjeeling is getting Cold!

Mr. A. Gurung (Asst. Manager) - Thurbo Tea Estate

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