Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumnal Flush 2007 – An Approach !

Its been a very busy schedule for me so far, I’m also very delighted to say that our e-store is really getting famous with an excess amount of mail orders, it seems our selection of top quality Darjeeling teas are absolutely perfect for our clients and I’ve been flooded with mails about the satisfaction they got after ordering teas from us and people are curious about our Autumnal selections. Well the hunt is on! But it’s been raining very badly so far here in Darjeeling and the production of the monsoon crop has been very poor in quality and quantity so far. There has been almost 25% less production of teas this season.
Well taking about Autumnal flush, people often think that the last crop of the year is the least quality Darjeeling tea, but they are wrong as this harvest is equally premium as the 1st and 2nd Flush teas. The difference is that this crop tends to get more heaver in body and more matured in aroma than the other 2 crops, I’ve often heard from customers saying that their purveyor of Darjeeling teas had informed them that the autumn flush is lowest quality Darjeeling tea as it’s the end of the harvest, but I strictly disagree to that because all these rumors are spread because mostly European and Japanese buyers buys a lot of 1st and 2nd Flush teas but when they are unable to finish their stock before the Autumnal Flush arrives, they spread these rumors.(Well I don’t say all of them do this).

Like the 2nd Flush Darjeeling teas Autumn flush teas are also famous for its rich muscatel flavors and the best Autumnal teas are made from the dehydrated leafs and Buds meaning leafs without any moisture would make the best Autumnal Flush teas.

Well we keep all our customers updated as soon as we start selection our share of exotic Autumnal teas and we have to do it very carefully as some gardens also try to sell their monsoon teas as autumnal flush teas. So keep visiting our site so you get the best share of this harvest!

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