Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2nd Flush, 2007 - Margaret’s Hope (china special FTGFOP-1)

As usual we were looking for a very good tea from this premium Garden of Darjeeling, we were in a continuous touch with the garden management for the best of 2nd Flush tea from this garden, finally on the 29th of May 2007, Mr. Rai (Manager) of the Margaret’s Hope tea estate had come to our retail store with various samples of Muscatel, tippy clonal and china special type teas, we tasted all the types, the clonals were very good but we were looking for a good body pure 2nd flush tea so were ordered for the china special tea which is a very good tea with pure 2nd Flush character,I personally like its nutty and rosy aroma with a sweet after taste character, I`m sure this tea will be one of the best seller of this season, as its simply perfect.

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