Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hope for a good Autumn crop

Well I’ve been in close contacts with the tea garden managers here and since there has been at least 25% less harvest during the Monsoon season, there has been a mad rush in the market as we can see a clear shortage of tea just before the long winters to come, also on the other side the temperature is dropping each day so I think we`ll have a very short Autumnal period.
On the 7th of October I had called up Mr.Mukhia (Manager Castleton Tea Estate) and he said that they are receiving a good price at the auctions and they are also expecting some great clonals this season and not to mention we have also booked some of the great teas from this estate. Also Mr.Mantri (Manager Singbulli Estate) had the same verdict….
Well let’s wait and watch what happens!

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