Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2nd Flush, 2007 - Tumsong (Organic) FTGFOP-1

Tumsong (Organic) FTGFOP-1 2nd Flush Darjeeling tea 2007:

After being the best seller of 1st Flush 2007, we have bagged the 2nd Flush Tumsong Organic FTGFOP-1 2007/DJ-62, this tea is finely hand plucked from pure china pushes which ages at least 70 years, unlike the1st Flush this 2nd Flush Tumsong is coppery in dry leaf state and has a very fine blend of tiny golden tips that resembles the rare 2nd Flush character, when steeped in hot water for 5 minutes, the exotic aroma flows high above from the cup, with every sip the honey and nutty like aroma lingers around the palate with soft and matured tones of muscatel character. A must try tea for all tea lovers!

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