Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2nd Flush, 2007 - Castleton (muscatel – FTGFOP-1)

We were waiting for a long time for this tea, as last year we could not find any good Muscatel invoice from this prestigious Tea Garden of Darjeeling, many customers complained about this as Castleton produces the best Muscatel tea in Darjeeling District, the particular invoice that we have in our list of 2nd Flush 2007 teas is one of the best batch made by the garden this year, there were more than 8 exporters who were bidding for this tea but we were again lucky enough to bag this tea for our list……the awesome fruity taste in the tea backed up by the dry muscatel notes makes the tongue go heavy with a different experience of Darjeeling tea drinking, A top of the line 2nd Flush delight!

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