Sunday, March 8, 2015

Gielle sftgfop-1 Ex-1 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2015

Gielle sftgfop-1 Ex-1 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2015

This garden is situated in the Teesta Valley area of Darjeeling district and is situated at a height of 3000 feet above sea level. This garden has been making exceptional high quality Darjeeling teas for the past 4-5 years. This garden has newly planted clonal and china bushes which are being used to make some the finest black, green, oolong and white Darjeeling teas.

    We are once again very excited to offer the 1st batch of Darjeeling tea from this garden which rolled out of this garden this year.

This is an exceptional 1st batch of exclusive 1st flush Darjeeling tea plucked from the 100% pure china bushes of this high elevation garden of Darjeeling.
      The dry leafs are extremely greenish in appearance and is filled with silver tips in it. The dry leafs also gives out delicious fruity aroma of green apples, raisins and guavas.

      When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives out bright yellow liquor. Each sip is extremely fruity which reminds of fresh ripe bananas, green apples and white grapes which further stays on the palate for a long time with a mellow aftertaste without any bitterness.

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