Sunday, March 8, 2015

Balasun sftgfop-1 Flowery Ex-2 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2015

Balasun Flowery sftgfop-1 Ex-2 Darjeeling tea 1st flush 2015.

      Balasun plantation of Darjeeling is long known for its high quality Darjeeling black and oolong teas. It mainly produces high quality Darjeeling black teas from its china bushes. But in recent times the management of this plantation has planted a lot of clonal bushes in this plantation.

     This year we are simply thrilled to procure a very high quality 1st batch of Premium Darjeeling early season white tea from this plantation. Though produced in a very limited quantity, this batch of exception Darjeeling white tea is a must try for any tea lovers.

 This is a rare and super quality Darjeeling early season white tea ,plucked from the young AV2 and P312 clonal bushes of this exclusive tea garden of Darjeeling.
      Only one leaf and a bud is plucked by the expert tea pluckers of this plantation to manufacture this special lot of tea. The dry leafs are bold in size and has large unbroken silver tips in it. The dry leafs gives out delicious aroma of exotic ripe fruits like mangoes, oranges and cherries.
     When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives out light yellow liquor. Each sip is super delicious and extremely smooth which reminds of sweet notes of ripe mangoes,honey and a slight hint of dry pine leafs and leaves a slight lemony after taste on the palate.

     A rare and premium quality early season Darjeeling white tea, which is simply delicious and a must try for a Darjeeling tea lover.

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