Friday, June 13, 2014

Dooteriah Muscatel sftgfop-1 DJ 143 / 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea

   We are really excited and happy to offer this awesome lot of exclusive 2nd flush 2014 Darjeeling tea from the Dooteriah plantation of Darjeeling. Our tea lover friends around the world had appreciated the Muscatel teas from this plantation last year so we continuously tasted fresh samples from this plantation as we were eagerly waiting for a perfect 2nd flush muscatel tea from this plantation. The climatic and soil conditions in this plantation was favourable for 2nd flush harvest early this year so we received a peak time 2nd flush lot from this plantation early this year.

      This is the Premium Dooteriah sftgfop-1 Muscatel DJ 143/ 2nd flush 2014 lot. This classic style muscatel variety Darjeeling tea is plucked from the pure china bushes of this beautiful plantation in Darjeeling. The dry leafs are well twisted and sorted and has fair amounts of silver tips in it. The dry leafs has a very rich aroma of chocolates and dry fruits.
      When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup release dark golden liquor. Each sip reminds of ripe grapes and apples and leaves a very sweet and muscatel like taste on the palate.

      A Classic and Rich Muscatel variety Darjeeling tea which is perfect as a day starter and is available at a very reasonable price.

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