Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dooteriah Muscatel DJ 263 sftgfop-1 / 2nd flush 2013 darjeeling tea

Dooteriah spl. Musk sftgfop-1 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea

        I am really happy to offer this fantastic lot of muscatel Darjeeling tea from the Dooteriah and Kalej Valley Tea Estate of Darjeeling. I must say that we are very lucky to have a tea like this in this season when the prices of the teas have gone high due to the sudden rains in Darjeeling which has made high quality tea making in 2nd flush harvest a bit difficult.

           I sincerely thank Mr. Yogdeep Gurung (General Manager and a senior tea maker of the Dooteriah and Kalej Valley Tea Estates in Darjeeling. These group of gardens belong to the Alchemist group of companies in India) for making such an excellent batch of tea and offering us to taste the sample of this tea. The moment I strained the tea in my tea tasting cup I was truly pleased with this beautiful muscatel variety Darjeeling tea.

      This tea is a very well made tea plucked from the high elevation china bushes of this plantation. The dry leafs are well sorted and twisted and has a very fruity aroma of grapes, spices and slightly woody in this state.
       When steeped for complete 5 minutes this awesome tea releases bright golden/orange liquor in the cup. Each sip in the cup reminds of fruity notes of grapes  , oranges and slight hint of nuts which further ends with a dry muscatel taste on the palate.

           I assure all tea lovers that this is an exceptional muscatel variety 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea which is available at an extremely affordable price. As far as I have seen and tasted the different tea samples from various plantation in Darjeeling I`m sure this batch of tea is the most genuinely priced tea in this season.

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