Friday, June 28, 2013

Castleton Moonlight DJ -91/ 2nd flush 2013 darjeeling tea

Castleton Moonlight DJ-91/ 2nd flush Darjeeling tea 2013-06-28

           The Castleton Moonlight tea has earned its reputation among high quality Darjeeling teas worldwide for its light cup and extremely fruity aroma. The name Moonlight is given to the tea as the tea maker claims that this tea is picked during the early hours of the morning when the dew drops are present on it for that extra fine plucking of the tea leafs to manufacture this awesome tea.

           The batch we are offering this season is Castleton Moonlight DJ 91. This is a peak season 2nd flush 2013 Darjeeling tea. This excellent batch of tea is plucked from the finest quality young AV2 (Ambari Vegetal) clonal bushes which are famous for its extremely delicious flavour and taste. This batch of tea is plucked from the “Allay” section of the garden which has the best young clonal bushes in this plantation. The “Allay” section of this garden stands at an elevation of 4000 feet from the sea level. Also not to forget this awesome batch of tea is manufactured by some of the finest tea makers of Darjeeling tea industry. The Castleton Moonlight is high withered for the bright and bold look in the dry leaf state. This also makes the cup lighter and helps in longer shelve life. The oxidisation process is also shorter than usual Darjeeling teas for a typical light fruity cup but slightly more than an oolong, so this is to be noted that this is absolutely not an oolong tea.

The Castleton Moonlight DJ 91 / 2nd flush 2013 is an excellent quality tea made and plucked from the young AV2 clonal bushes. The dry leafs are wiry in appearance and contains a lot of unbroken silver tips in this state. The dry leafs gives out an exotic aroma of exotic fruits, nuts and chocolates.
       When steeped for complete 4 minutes the cup gives out bright orange / golden liquor in the cup. Each sip reminds of fruity notes of apples, grapes and slight hint of honey and ends with a muscatel and lemony aftertaste on the palate

We have carefully selected this excellent batch of tea and I`m sure my tea lover friends will fall in love with this one!

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