Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sungma Flowery Musk sftgfop-1 Organic/DJ 152/2nd flush 2012

Sungma Flowery Musk sftgfop-1Organic/DJ 152 /2nd flush 2012

  This is a great muscatel variety pure 2nd flush tea plucked from the high elevation china bushes of the Organic Sungma Plantation in Darjeeling.The dry leafs are extra bold in size and consists of long gold tips in this state.The dry leafs have a woody and confectionary like aroma.
       When steeped for about 4 minutes this exceptional tea releases a bright reddish/golden liquor in the cup.Each sip in the cup gives clear hints of grapes,nuts and roses which further finishes with a smooth muscatel flavor on the palate without any bitterness.
       This tea will be surely admired by tea lovers who have tried our last year`s Turzum clonal delight 2nd flush as this particular batch of tea is excellent in cup and is surely true value for money.
        We had tasted a lot of 2nd flush 2012 samples from both Turzum and Sungma Tea Estates before we chose this batch and I personally feel this tea is an exceptional offering from the 2nd flush 2012 harvest.

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