Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Castleton Muscatel FTGFOP-1/DJ85/2nd flush 2012

Castleton Muscatel ftgfop-1/DJ85/2nd flush 2012

    This is one of finest muscatel 2nd flush offering of the season and is harvested at one of my personal favourite garden in Darjeeling. The Castleton Tea Estate is world renowned for its high quality teas like the Castleton moonlight and Castleton Muscatel.
      I have not been too happy though with the Castleton Moonlight batches this year so I have not included it in our list this year but I have been hunting for the Castleton Muscatel batches from last 2 years and finally this one has really won my appreciation.

      This Castleton Muscatel tea is harvested from the pure and matured china bushes during the peak 2nd flush harvest period and tea lovers around the world compare this tea with Muscat grapes or wines for its fruitiness and sweetness.

       The lot no.Dj85 is an extremely well made tea. This tea is sorted smaller in size and has a delicious fruity aroma in the dry leaf state. Each sip releases a blast of fruity flavors of ripe mangoes and cherries and ends with a smooth muscatel flavor which stays on the palate for a long time.

     I would personally recommend this tea to tea lovers who would love to try out a true high quality tea this season.

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