Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sungma (ch) Musk sftgfop-1 /Organic DJ-149- 2nd Flush 2011

Sungma (ch) Musk sftgfop-1/Organic DJ-149 2nd Flush 2011
This is an exceptional traditional muscatel 2nd Flush tea offered by one of my personal favourite garden in Darjeeling. The Sungma tea estate is an organic plantation situated at the pokriabong area of Darjeeling. This garden has over 70% china origin bushes and 30% of the bushes belongs to the assamica or clonal variety and over the years this plantation has produced some of the finest high quality Darjeeling teas.
I was continuously in touch with the tea makers of this plantation and had pre-booked few of their finest muscatel teas which were yet to be produced right after the 15th of June 2011 which was the peak time for 2nd Flush teas in the pokhriabong valley in Darjeeling. I tasted a lot of muscatel teas from various plantations like Pussimbing, Lingia, Singbulli, Castleton etc, but as all my respected customers know that our expectations are very high from the gardens that fulfill our orders. I had very high expectations specially from the Castleton tea estate for their Castleton Muscatel tea but somehow it did not come out to our expectations so we just brought the Castleton moonlight tea from them which is very good, but here we were looking for a very high quality traditional muscatel 2nd flush tea. So we were offered about 5 top end muscatel samples from the Sungma tea estate and to be very honest all were exceptional, so we brought about 600 kgs of muscatel Sungma tea this 2nd flush season and we are offering the invoice no.DJ149 for our consumer customers, I will not be able to mention the other 5 invoice numbers that we brought from Sungma as we have exported these exceptional teas to some of our wholesale merchant customers around the world …….
Our final verdict for this tea is that this is simply one of the finest muscatel tea that will surely satisfy a true tea lover and I`m really proud to have this fantastic tea in our list of 2nd Flush 2011.

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