Monday, July 4, 2011

Risheehat (ch)Musk sftgfop-1-DJ142/Organic 2nd Flush 2011

Risheehat (ch.) musk sftgfop-1 DJ-142 /Organic 2nd Flush 2011:
This is a very fine quality Darjeeling Muscatel variety 2nd Flush tea that was offered to us by the Superintendant of the garden, actually we wanted to have a very good invoice of Risheehat clonal Flowery in our list but we were not very happy with the clonal teas from this estate ,especially after having the Turzum clonal delight sftgfop-1/DJ19-Organic ,the standards and the expectations were very high,so we rejected various clonal invoice samples from this estate this season.
On the 20th of June 2011 we received this excellent sample of Risheehat (ch)musk sftgfop-1/Organic –Dj142 and indeed we are very happy to have this wonderful tea in our list, this tea has been plucked from the “Liza Hill” sub-division of the garden from the purest china origin bushes of the garden,the dry leafs are sorted small in size and has a typical Almond like aroma in the dry leaf state, for best results this tea should be steeped for complete 5 minutes. The cup gives out a dark/bright golden color with exotic flavours of flowers like Rhododendrons and marigold and ends with a very balanced briskness with a hint of musk.
Our final verdict for this tea is that this is an exceptional tea made extremely affordable for all!


BrettProsy said...

Produced in years old Darjeeling tea gardens, the teas are not only a delight for taste buds but have numerous health benefits.They are less oxidized and therefore not harmful for regular consumption and contain less amount of caffeine.

Tea Emporium - Authentic Darjeeling Tea said...

yeah you are right, but it is also important if the vendor is choosing the right invoice