Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thurbo (summer delight) 2nd Flush 2011 Darjeeling tea!

After the grand success of Thurbo (spring delight) Ex-1 / 1st flush 2011 I was pretty worried about a tea of this category in the 2nd Flush harvest, everyone who ordered Thurbo spring delight 1st flush from us have really appreciated the wonderful tea and I have received numerous amount of e-mails from many of my respected customers demanding a great tea of similar quality in the 2nd Flush, this was a serious challenge for me, I was in constant touch with Mr.J.D.Rai (quality controller and head of Goodricke group of Gardens in Darjeeling) all throughout the month of May when the dormant period was going on in Darjeeling and we did a lot of experiments with their clonal tea leafs like AV2,P312 and T4 ,finally on the end of 2nd week of June I received the sample of this wonderful tea and I was really thrilled to make a cup for myself, the dry leaf is well twisted and clean sorted and consists of needle like tiny golden tips, when steeped for about four minutes the tea release a matured fruity aroma which further ends with a rose like after taste and the best thing I`m noticing in this tea is that its maturing everyday and the flavours are just getting better each day,All I can say about this tea is that if you have tried our 1st Flush offering Thurbo (spring delight) then you`ll just fall in love with this tea!

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