Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casleton Moonlight DJ146/2nd Flush 2011

Once again we have been able to procure the best of the Moonlight tea from the world famous Castleton tea estate, this exclusive tea has been plucked from the highest elevation “allay” section of the garden which is about 3500 feet high altitude during the early hours of the morning to achieve the maximum high quality leaves, then this exclusive tea is withered for about 48 hours and then it is hand rolled by 15 women workers of the garden as a result of which the dry leaves are filled with wire like silver tips, the made tea has a beautiful appearance and when this tea is brought near the nose the dry leaves gives out a very fruity aroma of pine apples and chocolates. When this tea is steeped for complete 5 minutes, the cup gives out a bright golden color and a blast of exotic flavors rise high above the cup, each sip in the cup reminds of fresh fruits,roses and chocolates and has an extremely smooth finish.
A well crafted exotic tea of the season!

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