Saturday, April 2, 2011

Arrival of 1st Flush 2011

Arrival of 1st flush 2011 Darjeeling tea:

The 1st Flush harvest of 2011 looked very positive from the month of January` 2011, at the end of January we witnessed a very beautiful snowfall in Darjeeling and it rained at regular intervals throughout the month of February which was surely a great sign for a very good harvest, we also saw some gardens doing experiments with the leafs that they received in the winter months and making some white and oolong teas with it. The most interesting part of the starting of 1st flush was the end of February when the difference between the day and night temperature was about 8-10 degrees Celsius which was simply perfect for the harvest. We were just gearing up for the next big crop season when the unpredicted situation just happened, an “Embargo “was slapped on the 1st flush crop from the 3rd of March 2011 and the dispatch of the manufactured teas were stopped being dispatched from the gardens, this happened as the trade unions demanded a major hike in the wages of the working labours.In this period of time we received a lot of samples from the gardens and did a lot of tea tastings but I had to change my whole style of tea buying as it was pretty risky to buy a tea from a certain garden and wait for a month for its dispatch , as the gardens of Darjeeling are full of moisture and it was very hard to predict what will happen to the teas in its warehouses, so I decided to buy the teas produced after the Embargo was lifted ,so my first offer is Thurbo (spring delight) Ex-1,I hope as usual everyone will like this tea, we will have more exclusive teas to offer in coming weeks, so keep visiting and enjoy good tea!

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