Monday, April 11, 2011

1st Flush 2011 Darjeeling tea -Barnesbeg Clonal Tips EX-1

1st Flush 2011 Darjeeling tea -Barnesbeg Clonal Tips EX-1 :

This exceptional clonal young tea caught my eyes when Mr.M.Pradhan (Manager) of Barnesbeg Tea Estate in Darjeeling offered me a sample of the 1st ever manufactured tea of their 100% young and pure AV2 clonal bushes which was planted 5 years ago in an area which has an altitude of 2500 feet from the sea level, the made tea is extremely tender and young and consists of full size silver tips, due to the tenderness of the raw leaves the manufactured tea is well rolled and sorted, this tea can be multiple steeped for at least 3 -4 times and each time the tea shows a different character in the cup, extremely fruity cup that finishes with a slight nutty and rosy after taste, This extremely limited quantity tea can also be enjoyed by white tea lovers.

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