Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thurbo Clonal Tips ftgfop-1 Ex-20 Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2009

Thurbo clonal tips (ftgfop-1) EX-20 Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea 2009:

As days passed on from 23rd October towards the 1st week of November the temperature in Darjeeling fell amazingly towards low and this was a right time for a Autumn Flush magic to happen in some of the estates in Darjeeling, so I had been flooded with samples from the Goodricke group in Darjeeling which owns gardens like Thurbo, Castleton, Margaret’s Hope, Barnesbeg and Badamtam , for the rest of the gardens I feel it will still take some time for a rich Autumn character but each time we received samples from Thurbo from the 2nd week of October we felt something is coming up meaning a character was getting pronounced each day we tried different samples from them, so right after the Diwali festival ( the festival of lights) I was called to the garden by Mr. J.D. Rai ( senior quality controller and Manager of the garden) as he claimed that something amazing had happened in his garden and guess what? Its the 1st batch of Autumn Flush 2009 that was rolling out from his garden, I simply could not resist the call and the very next morning I ran towards Thurbo tea garden through the beautiful valleys of Okayti and Gopaldhara tea estates, on my arrival I met another big Japanese tea wholesaler tasting some newly made Thurbo oolongs but I had no interest in fancy teas , I was just there in a desperate hunt for a classic Darjeeling tea and I feel I really got what I expected when the tea sample of Thurbo clonal tips ftgfop-1 Ex-20 was shown to me as I know my teas well and I saw all the characters in this tea that fits a perfect autumnal character, the tea looked totally dehydrated and dry which is the 1st impression of a good autumn tea, when sniffed on the dry leafs it gave out some rosy aroma and the cup was amazing as it had real pronounced hints of fresh orange peels and a very caramellic flavour was lying around it and above all the tea is simply mellow and there is no bitterness at all……I feel we had a very good start this Autumn!

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