Monday, October 19, 2009

An Approach to Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2009

Autumn Flush Darjeeling tea 2009:

I’m very glad that the autumn harvest has finally arrived and we are getting very busy again, I`ll definitely not say it’s a painful time that we are tasting about 30-40 samples every day and choosing 1-2 teas from various plantations, I would rather call this a full time adventure as autumn is a character and not a flush/harvest (though we call it a harvest) that lies between the monsoon harvest and the winter, actually after the 2nd Flush when the monsoons starts there is hardly any sunshine so the overall quality of the teas is dull (except some specialty teas), but after prolonged 3 months of rains when the rains stops the autumn season generally starts but not on teas, the autumn season for teas start only when the winter starts kicking in with a day and night temperature difference of 10-12 degree Celsius ,generally the leaf appearance of a pure autumn should be slightly purple and the basic taste should have a slight piney character on all china variety teas (well clonals may vary),as usual we have tried our best to bring you the best value for money teas, well being a professional exporter in bulk and consumer exports I’ll not ask you to search for a better collection of teas with others and let us know as it’s not your work to do so and I believe it’s my duty to sustain the quality and keep you happy as usual  and of coarse I`ll definitely not comment on any one else’s tea as every garden has it’s own charm of distinctive flavor, and ultimately the consumer is the best judge as if a tea is not good it’s the mistake of the merchant and not the garden ( well that’s what I learned from my guru during my tea tasting days in kolkata,India), so I believe by saying a particular tea garden’s tea is good than the other garden’s tea is not being a “tea guru” but is extreme stupidity, well also one more thing I wanted to convey to all is that please look for the invoice nos.(DJ/LC/Ex) when you buy even 500g of a particular tea, as it’s your right to ask for it as the story of Invoice nos. goes like this; 1 full invoice mean a minimum of 100-105 kgs of single grade tea and this type of teas are marked in “DJ” and the numerical is added after these alphabets like DJ1,DJ2…. And so on with the next count of different batches, the LC/Ex is mostly given to the batches below the 100kg mark and the most important thing is that some teas are just remainings/left overs of different batches that may be lying at the corner of the tea garden factory, this type of teas fits no invoices so the garden often sell off these teas to merchants in cheaper prices and this never happens in early season harvest but mainly during mid season harvest and this type of teas often loose flavor with 20-25 days from the day you have purchased it, actually its loosing flavor every day, so being the top exporter merchants from Darjeeling (in quantity and quality) we believe that all our most valuable customers should know their tea’s invoice nos. (Let it be our big time bulk importers or consumers), all are valuable customers for us and I`ll never blog back by saying “we cannot give the invoice nos. as our wholesale customers complain about it”…. Well I guess this note has added a bit of spice to our autumnal selections, Have a great tea time!.........and yes, the minimum quantity to be ordered is still 49$ but we offer you a free shipping by FedEx (5 days delivery) to the following countries like: Egypt,Phillipines,Singapore,Thailand,China,Hongkong,Brunei,Cambodia,,Indonesia,,Malayasia,South Korea,Taiwan,Vietnam,Belgium,Denmark,France,Germany,Greenland,Italy,Netherland,Switzerland,
UK,,Canada,Mexico,USA and Japan…….Now who can offer a free shipping for 49$ including teas and a fast 5 days delivery by FedEx,I think if you look around then other companies are offering this Fedex Delivery offer for orders over 100$ and even more,so what are you waiting for? Come and Join our Autumn Darjeeling Tea 2009 tea Party!

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