Monday, February 10, 2020

An approach to 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea

An approach to 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea:

    The 1st flush 2020 Darjeeling tea harvest has started a bit early this year in few of the gardens situated in the foothills of Darjeeling. The high elevation tea growing areas of Darjeeling has received a good amount of winter rainfall too. So, we can expect to have a very good 1st flush harvest from both the high and low elevation gardens of Darjeeling this year.

    The most important factor of a good 1st flush harvest are the amount of rainfall the tea bushes receives during the winter period, also the day and night temperature difference plays a vital role for the new shoots and buds to grow. The warmer climatic conditions during the early and mid spring season help the tea bushes to conceive good quality young shoots and buds.

   The 1st flush harvest in Darjeeling stretches from late February to mid weeks of May. The best quality teas produced during this period is always plucked as two leaves and a bud during the early 1st flush period i.e. mid weeks of February to the mid weeks of March. The reason behind this thumb rule is that in the 1st flush harvest tea lovers look for a certain character in the tea and i.e. the cup should have light liquor and the aroma should be of tender floral character so, this character of tea can only be achieved from tender shoots and buds.
      The teas produced during this period is not only delicious but are also extremely healthy since the tea bushes conceives the fresh shoots and buds after a long hibernation during the winter season and this newly born 2 leaves and buds contains high amounts of anti oxidants which is essential for all human beings.

   As usual we will taste as much tea samples from various gardens of Darjeeling and choose only the best teas and list it on our online store.For further updates please keep visiting our website

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