Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Castleton Muscatel ( Exclusive) ftgfop-1 DJ 164 Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2016

Castleton Muscatel (exclusive) ftgfop-1 DJ 164 Darjeeling tea 2nd flush 2016:

      The Castleton tea estate is situated in the kurseong valley of Darjeeling district and belongs to the Goodricke group. This prestigious garden of Darjeeling is world famous and makes some excellent batches of premium clonal teas like the Moonlight and Tippy Clonals during the 1st flush harvest but it is considered to be the best manufacturers of Muscatel Darjeeling teas which are manufactured from the china variety leaves (camellia sinensis). Tea lovers all around the world agree to the fact that Darjeeling makes the finest Muscatel teas in the world and no other tea growing area anywhere in the world can replicate this character.
      We have already offered a fantastic clonal batch of Castleton Moonlight this spring and our tea lover friend all around the world has admired the tea. So, during the 2nd flush harvest our expectations from this garden was very high but this time we were looking for its best Muscatel 2nd flush teas. We tasted several samples of Muscatel teas from this estate and finally came across this batch. We guarantee no other vendor/ merchant can offer anything better than this batch.

    This is the top most premium 2nd flush 2016 Darjeeling tea Muscatel lot that rolled out of this prestigious garden of Darjeeling this year. This premium Darjeeling tea has been plucked from the 100% pure china bushes at the peak time of the 2nd flush harvest.
     The dry leaves are sorted small in size and gives out a very delicious aroma of roasted nuts and exotic ripe fruits.
     When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out bright golden liquor which further releases delicious aroma of sweet muskmelon, grilled peaches and ripe mangoes in the air.
  Each sip is packed with multiple layers of delicious flavours which clearly reminds of burnt caramel, red cherries and toasted nuts which is further followed by a delicious aftertaste of sweet and ripe Muscat grapes.

      A Majestic Darjeeling tea of the 2nd flush 2016 harvest!

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Pooja Naik said...

It was based on my friend's recommendations, I have started drinking green tea.But now I'm kind of addicted to its taste and feel, just awesome! There is more to green tea; helps in weight loss, good for your body and keeps your mind energetic.